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Customer Insight - The key to unlock the value in your data

Customer Insight is becoming an increasingly important factor in the success of any marketing campaign. By unlocking the intelligence in your data and turning it into a strategic asset, Customer Insight will improve the success of your marketing communications and deliver quantifiable results. 

By understanding your customer base and their profiles, trends and preferences, Customer Insight brings relevance to the communication process: relevance of channel, relevance of message and relevance of timing. Opportunities are presented for true one-to-one communications with messages based around customer's unique behaviour, thereby maximising the potential from each customer interaction. 

Customer Insight is the collection, deployment and analysis of data and information that is essential for businesses to acquire, develop and retain the right customers. 

EWA's Customer Insight team calls upon a wealth of experience and best of breed data mining and business intelligence software to design bespoke Customer Insight programmes and CRM strategies to meet your specific business objectives.

Programmes, Analysis and Insight provided by EWA include:

Data Study and Audit: a complete study and audit of your data and customer behavioural/profile trends to understand fully the intelligence and opportunities presented. Following a data study, EWA will identify a range of solutions and communications to meet the challenges highlighted.

Propensity modeling: a statistically sounds means of predicting future behaviour based on past observations and understanding how likely your customers are to behave in a certain (or desired) way. This allows your efforts to be focused on people or businesses that are most likely to respond to the call to action and become profitable customers.

Cross-Sell analysis: identify product associations to understand which combinations of products customers are most likely to buy. These associations can be used to direct and inform buying decisions and drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by marketing the associated products together.

Critical Lag: deliver customer specific communications based on individual purchase patterns that significantly improve retention, reduce churn and help to build brand loyalty whilst maximising up-sell opportunities.

Customers as assets: measure the lifetime value of your customer base and validate Pareto’s 80/20 principle, identifying key development opportunities outside of your most valuable customers.

Impact assessment: understand the impact your marketing programmes have on your customers’ behaviour and measure the return on your investment. 

These programmes have been implemented by EWA for a number of high profile clients and have delivered significant benefit both in revenue and improved customer communications. For one client, our Critical Lag programme has had a considerable impact on customer retention, reduced churn rates and generated approximately £1,000,000 of additional orders. 

Of course, there is much more to Customer Insight than methodologies and software. That is why EWA will work in partnership with you to unlock the potential within your data and drive effective marketing campaigns that will forge long-term, profitable relationships with your customers.

Speak to one of the EWA Customer Insight Specialists today on 01245 492 828, or via our contact form.

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